Pan fried peppers (Spanish)

19 Oct

About this time last year I was sitting in a cafe, overlooking the Gaudi cathedral, la Sagrada Família, in Barcelona, playing Russian roulette with my mum. Not the gun totting Dear Hunter kind but a culinary roulette of eating pan fried pimiento de Padrón, the famous tapas hailing from Galicia. The peppers are mildly spicy and absolutely delicious to snack on with a beer, until one hits you that blows your head off and causes tears to run down your face. Wiping away the tears, we would gingerly start to eat them again eventually lulled into more or less scoffing down whole peppers until we were caught once again. What bliss. Any young green sweet pepper or mild to medium chilli can be cooked like this with good results, but for a game of Russian roulette you will need the Padróns unless you throw a couple of hot chillis into the pan.

* Fresh young green peppers
* Olive oil
* salt

Throw the peppers whole into a hot frying pan drizzle with olive oil and sea salt crystals. Toss the chillis in the pan as they cook, until they are coloured and blistered on all sides, takes about 10 minutes. That’s it, crack open a beer and Tapas is served.

Pimiento de Padrón are a small green, thin walled pepper with a conical shape and slight furrows down their length. This year I grew a pepper that did not come true and one of the plants produced what could be described as the Padrón. They were fantastic cooked like this though I have yet to get one that took my head off. About 1 in 30 of the Padrons are hot these peppers were all just mildly spicy but absolutely delicious. Seeds of Italy supply Pimiento de Padrón seeds.

This recipe was originally posted on on 19/10/2007.


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