Spanish Ham, Eggs & Tomato

23 Nov

When Rachel visited her 80 year old Aunt, Marie Camino, in Spain she came home singing the praises of her cooking and reminiscing on the wonders of her aunts food. This dish in particular stood out and for me too because not only is it delicious but it is also a Spanish version of my favourite English breakfast of Bacon, eggs and tomato. I find it fascinating that people in different parts of the world combine the same ingredients yet create such different dishes with them. It is wonderfully simple and makes a great add hoc snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Fry the ham in olive oil for a few seconds with a little crushed garlic if using, pour over fresh tomato paste (passata) and cook for a minute or two before breaking an egg on top. Cook until the egg has poached and set in the tomato sauce, sprinkle with capers if you like them and serve with slices of bread.

Cooks Note use any dry cured ham for this dish I’ve tried Spanish, Italian and French hams all good, but I do prefer Spanish ham so we always stock up on our visits across the border.


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