Chilli Oil

1 Jan

Chilli oil is simplicity itself, all you need is some oil and some chillis. There are several ways to make chilli oil and they are all simple here are my prefered methods.


Method 1
Bash up a few dried chillis, Cayennes, bird or Thai reds work well, and stuff them into sterilised bottles, to about one third full then fill to the top with vegetable oil. Leave the oil to marinade for a couple of weeks before using. Depending on the heat of the chillis the oil can probably be topped up a few times. 

Method 2
Grind the dried chillis. Then heat the oil in a sauce pan chuck in the chilli powder and remove from the heat immediately. When it is cool either filter into sterilised bottles or bottle as it is.  This method is usable straight away. 

Cook’s tip– I use old soy sauce bottles with dropper tops which stop the chilli pieces falling out they also deliver small dashes of the oil which is a good thing as the cayenne oil in particular is pretty hot.

Originally posted  24/10/2007


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