Spice Mixes

1 Jan

It is sometimes useful to have a few home made spice mixes ready to hand, to speed things up in the kitchen. I would only ever make ground spice mixes that I use a lot as spices are best freshly ground.  However, if you have a partner who will chuck ANYTHING into the pot, whether or not they even know what it is, then a labelled ready made mix can be a safety precaution in the kitchen, It also great for knocking out quick tasty dishes on the barbecue.

Turkish Mix

This mix is perfect for seasoning meat or vegetables before they are barbecued. I used to use this mix so regularly that I would make up batches of it rather than get out 5 jars to deliver a pinch of seasoning.
Dried Mint
Kirmizi Biber (dried pepper flakes)
Dried Thyme
Black pepper
Experiment with the proportions to get a balance you like. I tend to be heavy on the mint and chilli. You can also add oregano to the mix and if you can’t get hold of sumac you can use dried grated lemon peel instead.
Spice-Mix_chinese-5-spice.jpg Chinese Five Spice
A very aromatic spice mix, use sparingly. It is particularly good rubbed onto the skin of birds before roasting or in stews and stir fries.
2 whole star anise
1 tsp whole fennel seeds
1 tsp whole cloves
5cm stick cinnamon
1 tbsp Sechuan peppercorns.
Grind as finely as possible in a clean coffee mill. Makes about 3 tbsp 

This is the classic French spice mix
1 heaped tsp black pepper
2 tsp whole cloves
2 tsp freshly grated nutmeg
1 tsp dried ground ginger
Grind and mix the dry spices and store in a airtight jar in a dark place.


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