Spinach Spanish Style

18 Apr

This is not so much a recipe as a way of cooking, fried in olive oil with garlic. This is the classic way of cooking all kinds of vegetables, but especially spinach in Spain. I’ve had it served as a vegetables side, as one of a layer of toppings over a plate of rice or beans and I’ve even had it served with a topping of a fried egg. Its great stuff and one of the very nicest ways of eating spinach.

Heat a large pan, a wok works for me, add olive oil and when that’s hot throw in lots of chopped garlic. As soon as the garlic starts to brown throw in the spinach, washed chopped, stir well to make sure it is all coated in the oil and sweat it down until the spinach is tender, which won’t take long, and keep it moving so as not to burn the garlic or the leaves.

Gardeners Note Spinach is best grown and harvested in our garden during the cooler months from October to May.


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