Black Cherry Mouse Sorbet

30 May

This light, fragrant sorbet does not require an ice cream maker, which is great, but it does require a food processor unless you have the muscle power of an Olympic rower. I had intended to churn the mixture in an ice cream maker but after beating the mixture for 10 minutes it grew so much in volume that it would not fit into the machine so i just decanted it into plastic tubs and put it in the freezer as it was. The result was magical; a light, frothy, scoupable sorbet with the heady taste of black cherries and vanilla scented cherry liqueur.

*500g black cherries
*125g Icing sugar
*2 egg whites
*slosh of home made cherry brandy (optional)

Wash and stone the cherries. Blitz in a food processor, with the metal blade fitted, until the cherries are pulped. Add the sugar, egg whites and cherry brandy and blitz for 10 minutes or until the mixture is whipped into a foam 3 times its original volume. Spoon the cherry foam into freezer cartons and put straight into the freezer. It is ready to eat as soon as it is completely frozen 2-4 hours at –18. Variation: works wonderfully well with pastis instead of cherry brandy, if you like the taste of pastis that is, the aniseed flavour is not to everyone’s taste.

Originally posted on mas du diable  31/5/2007

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