Cherry Brandy

6 Jun

Cherries love the land here. There are wild cherry trees growing all over the mountain. We also have cultivated cherry trees that produce all the cherries we need for eating so to use the wild cherries, which are smaller and more acidic, we make cherry brandy. Of all the things in our pantry this is Rachel’s favourite. It is very easy to make and if its made when the cherries are ripe in June it will be ready for Christmas though we do usually start drinking it earlier because it is so yummy and we’ve usually run out of last years batch.

What you need
Jars with tight fitting lids (1.5L jars is what we used here)
*3-6 tablespoons of vanilla sugar per Jar (depending on the cherries are and how sweet you want the brandy)

How to make it

Prepare the cherries wash and drain the cherries and set aside to dry

Prepare the jars wash with hot soapy water, rinse and sterilise by putting them in an oven at 150c for 10minutes.

Fill the jars prick each cherry as you chuck it in the jar, so that the juices run out easily. When you get to a third full add 1/3 of the sugar, carry on adding cherries to 2 thirds and add another 1/3 of the sugar. When you get to the top leave a 2cm gap below the lid add the remaing sugar.

Add Brandy pour brandy over the cherries to fill the jar and seal. give everything good shake to make sure the sugra dissolves then leave it in a cool dark place to mature.

Wait, giving the jars a shake every now and then. It will be ready in 3-6 months depending on how patient you are.

Strain when its ready or when you can’t wait any longer, strain the brandy, the easiest way is with a coffee filter paper and holder over a funnel, into clean sterilised bottles, seal and label.

TIP Reserve the cherries for eating later, these really are delicious and can be used as fruit toppings and in puddings, but do go steady with them as they will have soaked up a lot of alcohol. Once drained they can be kept in the fridge for at least 2 years that i know of.

TIP use vanilla sugar for a better flavoured result. Vanilla sugar can be made by grinding a vanilla pod with 1kg of sugar, a more economical way, which is what i do, is to just put a bruised vanilla pod in the sugar jar it lasts and flavours the sugar and refills for ages.

Originally posted on  6/6/2006


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