Pickled Walnuts

21 Jun
Pickled walnuts are a real delicacy wonderful with cheese or cold meats and all you need to make them are green walnuts, salt and vinegar. There are two walnut trees at mas du diable so it is easy to pick them at their green imature stage, which is just before mid-summer here.

Immature walnuts where you can see the white nut forming but no hard shell has started to develop
  • Green walnuts
  • Brine*
  • Vinegar
Prick the walnuts all over (I use a darning needle) and put them into a mixing bowl. Cover with brine and leave to steep for 3-7 days. Make up a fresh batch of brine, drain the walnuts, re-cover with brine and leave for one week. Drain the nuts and layout on a tray to air dry in the sun if possible until they are dry and black. Pack into sterilised jars cover with vinegar and seal.

Shelf Life – Stored in a cool dark place several years

Cooks’ Tip
Walnuts stain clothes, hands and porous crockery so use a stain proof equipment when preparing the walnuts.
*To make brine boil a kettle of water and to each litre add 1/2 cup (120g) of sea salt, stir well to dissolve, cool then strain ready to use.


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