Apricot Jam (Low Sugar)

1 Jul

I think apricots make the best low sugar jams. Most jam recipes call for an equal weight of fruit to sugar which I find far too sweet. I normally make jam at about 60% sugar but this recipe is for a jam that is about 30% and it is wonderful. It has a fast and furious cooking process and very little sugar and is ideal for making in small batches even one jar at a time when you have the fruit.

  • Apricots
  • Preserving sugar

Remove the stones, roughly chop the apricots and weigh before tipping into a roomy heavy bottomed pan set over a high heat. Weigh out the preserving sugar equal to 30% of the weight of the fruit, so 30g of sugar for every 100g of prepared fruit. Once the apricots start bubbling tip in sugar and cook quickly until the consistency thickens and setting point is reached. Pour into hot sterlised jars and seal. See how to make jam for tips on testing for set.


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