Apricot Liqueur

2 Jul

This terrific aromatic dessert liqueur is a real gem. It is so easy to make and quite stunning; rich, sweet and full of fruity, almondy flavours. My friend Maggie thinks it tastes like her favourite Baume de Venise, but packs a little more punch.

*½ kilo Fresh Apricots, halved stones reserved
*1 tsp Allspice*400-450g Sugar
*900ml Dry White wine
*475 ml Gin

Place apricots in a large preserving pan with allspice, sugar and wine. Bring to boil, stir until the sugar is dissolved. Remove from the heat and stir in the gin. Crack the apricot stones, skin the kernels and add those. Pour into a crock or large jar cover tightly and set aside for 5-6 days to infuse, giving it a shake every day. Strain the liqueur, I use a coffee filter paper, to get a clear liquid. Pour into sterilised bottles and seal. Allow at least 1 month for the liqueur to mature before serving. Best served chilled.

Cook’s Tip Keep the apricot pulp to use in boozy puddings or to make a fruit puree or ice cream. It can be frozen for later use and because of the alcohol content will keep well for months in the fridge.

 Recipe Source I came across it in an old preserving book and tried making it a few years ago with great success. This is the recipe unchanged from Home Preserving, 101 ways of preserving fruit, vegetables and herbs 1972.


One Response to “Apricot Liqueur”

  1. Laura Hudson 30/09/2009 at 01:11 #

    Comments from origonal post on http://www.masdudiable.com1. Christina wrote:OH MY GOODNESS! This is amazing. I already know that I'm planting an apricot tree this winter–now I wish I had a mature one already dropping fruit so I could make this right now. I'll have to hit the farmers' market this weekend and pick up a load of apricots just for this. Thank you for the inspiration.7/2/09 10:37:21 AM email website2. chaiselongue wrote:Oh this sounds good! A good way to try to preserve the flavour of our apricots.7/2/09 4:18:58 PM email website3. Thomas wrote:Hi Laura! I've been reading your blog for the past year and a half now and still can't get enough! My husband and I have always fantasized about what it would be like to live in a farmhouse in France. Now we know!Sincerely,ThomasP.S. Any update on the mealy bug infestation???7/9/09 9:51:33 AM email website4. Sustainability guide Climatarians wrote:Thanks Laura for that delicious looking recipe. I am sure it tastes as good as it looks. Great pics too! It’s so nice to learn new recipes and taste homemade food than spend money on unhealthy snacks that are often made from non-organic products. I guess more moms should get interested in doing things at home and improving the health of the whole family.Great post!Joost Hoogstrate7/19/09 7:13:25 AM email website5. Fay wrote:I will try this with my huge haul of Early Rivers Prolific plums. I've made liquors from them before and they too get some almond flavours from their stones. Baume de Venise is not only a great dessert wine but also a village worth a visit. Some excellent local producers of Côtes du Rhône-Villages and Côtes du Luberon.7/21/09 8:59:47 AM email website6. Laura wrote:Thanks Fay do let us know what the plum variation turns out like. I've filtered my second batch and it is in the fridge chilling for Friday night's dinner.7/23/09 3:28:51 AM email website7. Laura wrote:Thomas the mealy bugs are still lurking after all that work. I discovered 3 or 4 a couple of weeks ago then about 20 last week. I've been in the tunnel with my surgical spirits dabbing them one at a time. I should put up a post shortly.They really are a pest. I am pretty sure they came from a local nursary from a herb plant I bought.7/23/09 3:32:32 AM email website8. Christina wrote:Okay, so I made this and it exceeded my already high expectations. It's wonderful! I gave one bottle of it away and kept another for myself, and I'm trying to force myself to let it age a little more, but it already tastes amazing. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe.7/24/09 8:28:58 PM email website9. Matron wrote:That looks sensational! I must try it!7/31/09 12:11:24 PM email website10. Theo wrote:I made this recipe about a month ago…and still have the apricots in the jars and am shaking them daily. I left the apricots in to try to thicken the mixture, but it still looks quite thin. Is it sposed to have a syrupy consistency? Haven't tried it yet, so not sure about the taste. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.8/23/09 10:40:26 AM email

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