Pesto Sauce

3 Jul

Pesto sauce is easy to make and is unforgettable eaten fresh, it bears no resemblance to the bottled stuff, and it is really worth making it yourself. It can be used on pasta or rice added to sandwiches, soups or used as a dressing for grilled or raw vegetables and makes a delicious dip.

*3 peeled garlic cloves
*3-4 bunches of freshly picked basil
*1 tbsp Pine Nuts
*3 tbsp fresh Peccorino cheese, grated
*3 tbsp fresh Parmesan cheese, grated
*6 tbsp Olive Oil

Put the 3 garlic cloves, basil and a heaped tablespoon of pine nuts in a mortar and crush, add 1 tablespoon each of good quality olive oil, grated pecorino and grated parmesan, keep adding grinding as you go until 3 spoons of each have been added. When you have reached a thick, paste, empty it into a bowl and dilute with more olive oil, mixing well.  Or to make life easier just whizz the whole lot up in a food processor then add the remaining oil.

Cooks Tip

When using the pesto for pasta sauce, dilute it with 1-2 tablespoons of water before using. The sauce should keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks with a layer of oil to keep the air out.

This recipe was originally posted on  3/07/2006 revised and to be re photographed

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