Mirabelle Jam

25 Jul

An absolutely exquisite jam. Mirabelles are small, yellow, highly aromatic plums for which the south of France is gastronomically famous. True mirabelle jam is almost apricot in flavour but, to my taste, it is even better. Mirabelles tend to appear in the markets in August, but we are lucky to have several Mirabelle trees on our land and our seasonal harvest can be June, July or August, depending on which of our trees is fruiting.

Makes about 2.5Kg 10x 250g jars
*1.5Kg (2lb) Mirabelle Plums
*1Kg (2lb) sugar
*A little water

Wash, halve and stone the plums. Crack the kernels and add these to the fruit (optional). Pour in enough water to cover the bottom of the pan and simmer until the fruit has softened 30mins-1hr. Add the sugar and bring rapidly the boil, boil vigorously until setting point is reached. Carefully skim off any scum and pour into warm sterlised jars using a funnel. Seal immediately. See how to make jam for tips on testing for set.
Originally posted on mas du diable  25/7/2007


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