Plum & Amaretto Sorbet

26 Jul

July is our plum season and we have several varieties of plums to pick; mirabelles, wild plums and these dark, almost black, plums which are quite tart but have a deep, rich, almondy flavour. I’ve got an ice-cream maker not just because I am mad about ice-cream and can eat it rain or shine at any time of day but as a way of preserving our summer fruit. For these plums I did some experiments and came up with this sorbet using only the fruit, some sugar and the almond flavoured liqueur amaretto to punch up the natural almond flavour of the plums. The result is spectacular; rich, gorgeously indulgent, and light at the same time.

Makes 6-8 portions
*400ml stewed and sieved plums
*75ml Amaretto Liqueur (optional)
*150ml water
*6 tbsp caster sugar

Mix all the ingredients together making sure the sugar is dissolved. Set the ice-cream maker going and pour in the mixture. Churn for 30-40 minutes until the colour changes and the sorbet forms. Spoon into an air tight carton and place in the freezer -18c for an hour to ‘cure’ before serving.

Cook’s Tip To prepare the stewed plums wash and put the plums whole into a large pan. Cook covered until the plums are mushy. Cool and pass through a sieve to remove the skins and stones. I process the plums in large quantities and the resulting puree can then be used to make Plum Butter or this ice cream or I freeze it in small batches, until I am ready to do something else with it.

Originally posted onmas du diable 27/7/2008

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