Black Tomato Soup

3 Aug

This is a truly extraordinary soup and really one for those who grow their own tomatoes, it won’t work with tasteless shop bought ones, they have to be the tastiest tomatoes you can grow. For me that means the heirloom black tomato Noir de Crimee, which has a rich smoky flavour and is, to date, the best tomato I have ever tasted. Since this recipe is about the taste of real tomatoes use the ones you like the taste of, just keep it simple and you will have delicious tomato soup. As there is no oil or anything else in this recipe it is delicious served hot or cold and makes a great summer starter.

Cooking scratch to table 25 minutes max

* 1 Kg very ripe tomatoes
* 1/2 tsp ground sea salt
* 1/2 tsp cracked black pepper

Wash and roughly chop the tomatoes stick them in a pan with the salt & pepper, you do not need to add anything else and simmer until mushy, if the tomatoes are very ripe this should take about 15minutes. Turn the heat off and put a metal sieve over another pan or bowl. Empty the tomato mush into the sieve and use a metal spoon to press the tomato mush through the sieve, all you should be left with in the sieve is the seeds, cores and skins discard these. That’s it its done! serve immediately or cool and serve cold.

Variations If you like things a little spicy or the tomatoes you use don’t come up to scratch try adding a little harissa paste.

The ‘black’ tomato is never truly black but more of a dusky brown or purple depending on the variety. My favourite variety is Noir de Crimee, pictured above. Harvest when the underside of the tomato goes a deep brown colour and the flesh becomes slightly soft, the shoulders stay green making it look under ripe. For this recipe I leave the tomatoes in a bowl in a sunny spot to ripen further as you really want them super soft and ripe for this soup.

This recipe was originally posted  3/08/2006


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