Plum Butter

3 Aug

This is a smooth buttery jam softer than a set cheese and without the addition of butter to make a curd. It takes a long time to cook but the result is worth it. I am not sure which variety of plum we have here, they are small, almost round, dark purple with deep red flesh they have a strong sharp taste with a hint of almonds.
Makes about 16 X 250g jars
*3.5kg Black plums
*650ml of water
The method of making a butter differs from making jam only in that the fruit is passed through and sieve before the sugar is added and then is cooked for quite a long time. Wash plums and put into a large preserving pan with the water. Bring to the boil and boil for 30minutes or until the fruit is very pulpy. Turn off the heat and leave to cool. Sieve the pulp to remove the skins and stones. Weigh the pulp and return it to the rinsed pan with 500g – 750g of sugar to each litre of pulp or half its weight in sugar. Cook on a high heat stirring occasionally until setting point is reached, approximately 1 hour. Ladle into warm sterilized jars (at this point you can pour a small amount of brandy over just to cover the surface but it is not necessary) and seal.
Originally published on 3/8/2006


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