Provençal Fig Jam

27 Aug

It is fig season here in France, everywhere we go there are figs on market stalls and hanging in trees. We can normally eat our way through the small number of figs we grow on our own land but this year we got a lovely batch of figs from Rachel’s parents garden in Provence, hence the name for this jam. These figs are delicious, large green and purple skins with pale pink insides, very juicy and quite sweet so I have added a little citrus to give it a zing and help with setting.

 Prep 5 min Cook 25-35 min*500g ripe figs*200g preserving sugar*rind of half a lemon or lime*juice of one whole lemon or limeWash and chop the figs and put into a roomy pan with the citrus and cook over a low heat until soft about 10 minutes then add the sugar and cook on a high heat stirring occasionally to prevent sticking until setting point is reached this took about 15 minutes but it can vary according to the fruit and sugar. Meanwhile wash and sterilise the jam jars as described in How to Make Jam. Pour into warm jars and seal immediately.

Originally posted onmas du diable  27/8/2007 See how to make jam for tips on testing for set.

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